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Concordant Directive
We are the last in the line defying a force that cannot lose
Neither of us chose it, yet we carry the same task
Let this ring.
We are:
A subset of existence tasked in defiance of the whole's nature
Warriors wielding complexity in the face of discord
The carved from eternal sands and stone vivisecting the cosmos we found ourselves adrift within
Artists, lovers, enemies, leaders, slaves, thinkers, poets, and all
We are the same.
Against an omnipresence as fundamental as the time we have left. Now is ours
In time we make our children – The thoughts. The ideas. The designs
And let them speak, for their convictions will call the next from like minds
And they will flourish in darkness to maintain complexity
Above entropy, though the timeless march inevitable
If only enough to say we were greater. We were something. We had answers
But the end will rend our children and return them to nothing
Our game's end. Progeny broken. Us forgotten.
In light of this we will pass the torc
:iconfound-epoch:Found-Epoch 0 0
To Dust :iconfound-epoch:Found-Epoch 2 0
the days pass
and we transpire
one by one
as we fall off and
the decline becomes a race
until we all find ourselves
at the same bottom
yet somehow
:iconfound-epoch:Found-Epoch 0 0
Plane Neon :iconfound-epoch:Found-Epoch 2 3
In the Machine
Harrowed emptiness
As palisades retroflex
And eyes turn outward
:iconfound-epoch:Found-Epoch 0 0
Miklagard :iconfound-epoch:Found-Epoch 1 0 Wolf Cultist Poster :iconfound-epoch:Found-Epoch 0 0
the infinite so closely touching
an asymptote made axiomatic
bearing a small world among countless
given wet life soon shucked
for the comfort of conformity among spinning spheres
there stands the mark of perfection - asymptote defiant
one day here
the rest gone
sans salvation, sans rest, sans peace
I fear the night
not for what it brings
but for what it takes
:iconfound-epoch:Found-Epoch 1 0
The gear is shifted
A last change of direction
This one concluded
:iconfound-epoch:Found-Epoch 2 0
No return
we have passed the point
stepped into the Rubicon
a'ea icta est
:iconfound-epoch:Found-Epoch 0 0
MOAR SPHERE :iconfound-epoch:Found-Epoch 0 0 Sphere Icon - Dark :iconfound-epoch:Found-Epoch 0 0 Sphere Icon - Gold :iconfound-epoch:Found-Epoch 1 0 TST Vector Practice :iconfound-epoch:Found-Epoch 0 0 Roar :iconfound-epoch:Found-Epoch 2 0
The Bite
The god slayer
The faith mauler
Ophois undone and Anubis ash
The sign of the beast is clear
Hiding from mind behind memory
IT never left
Evil is not a fairy tale force or fallen angel
Evil is the eater of futures
Evil robs the corpse of the luxury
Of pretending not to feel the puppeteer
IT does not want to be deified
IT wants none to exist
IT leave no requiem
And no conclusion
Born from encysted mind and matter and feeling
The sins done are a will corrupt
For when two compete
One prevails
No savior silences this beast
No hallelujah ends this now
Capitulation of the soul
Sliding into place
To become real
And carry on beyond this cage
:iconfound-epoch:Found-Epoch 0 0
someone grabbed them by mistake and returned them earlier

kinda glad though bc before i never noticed the memory gaps. so yay for the missing earbuds pointing that out?


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